Extended Sunday School with fun and inspiring klezmer music program coming up this Sunday, 12-1:30 pm in Finkelstein. Free lunch ($3 donation encouraged for non-School members), brief kid-focused klezmer music lesson, then dancing! Look out for our student bride and groom…

Parents…try it, you’ll like it, really, don’t begrudge it. Give yourself some time to have fun with your kids and take a break from Sunday shopping, laundry, running around, and errands! It’s klezmer, the music of our people; energetic, a little silly sometimes, a little sad others, and full of Jewish soul. Listen, would I steer you wrong? Bob Weiner is a great musician (he gave us a taste at Simchat Torah, remember?) and he’s coming back for more.

Kid tested, Rabbi approved! All you need to do is RSVP to schooldirector@templesinaipbc.org no later than Friday afternoon.


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