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Family Summer Service July 18 7:30 pm!

Family Summer Service this Friday, July 18, 7:30 pm featuring some our talented upper division students and a teaching from Morah Rivka. Ilene and Rivka are looking forward to seeing you there!


Summer News You Can Use!

Welcome home Alyssa, Delaney, Rebecca, and Matt from your adventures in Israel!!! We can’t wait to hear all about what you experienced!

-JLeaders is on hiatus due to a lack of grant funding and student availability. Watch for our kick-off meeting in September!

-Enter the TS Rainy Day Raffle! It’s HUGE!!! More info here:

Rainy Day raffle

-Work-at-home moms needed to help with Friday oneg prep 8/8:30-10/10:30 am weekly. Contact Rosanne at

-Need a summer mitzvah project, check out the Peggy Adams program below:

Peggy Adams Foster Family Info