Family Promise Tzedakah Boxes Due March 1!

Helping Homeless Families

Houses for Change

Our students are helping homeless families in our community.   The money they and you save in the Houses for Change tzedakah boxes they created will become a communal donation from our students to Family Promise of South Palm Beach County.

Every Shabbat and on other days, please have your children put change into their Houses for Change box. Please bring the money saved to Temple Sinai, or a check for that amount made out to Family Promise, when the boxes are returned to class on Sunday March 1. Donations in the form of a check are tax-deductible. Your child will keep the tzedakah box to reuse and refill.


Houses for Change is more than a fun arts and crafts project. It is a national campaign for students to learn about homelessness and realize that they can make a difference. To learn more, visit and

Toda raba (thank you very much!),


Rivka Felsher




Religious School Director


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