TaSTY Sr. and TaSTY Jr. Officers for 2016-2017

Summer is upon us, but the Religious School community is still in action. In June, TaSTY Sr. held a beach clean up and Havdalah service on the beach, complete with a BBQ dinner. It was great!

I would like to formerly introduce our Temple Sinai student leaders for 2016-2017:

TaSTY Sr. Executive Board

President: Zoe Terner

Programming Vice President: Nicole Wasserman

Social Action Vice President: Alexa Burnston

Religious and Cultural Vice President: Kyle Dunton

Communications Vice President: Isaac Zacharia

Membership Vice President: vacant

Freshman Representative: Erica Mungin

Sophomore Representative: vacant

Junior Representative: vacant

Senior Representative: vacant

Advisor: David Cotton


TaSTY Jr. Executive Board

President: Lindsey Lubitz

Programming Vice President: Lilah Felsher

Social Action Vice President: Daniella Belleus

Religious and Cultural Vice President: Rachel Zacharia

Communications Vice President: Jenna Josephson

Membership Co-Vice Presidents: Joshua and Shelby Diamond

Grade 4 Representative: vacant

Grade 5 Representative: Joshua Broadman

Grade 6 Representative: vacant

Grade 7 Representative: vacant

Advisor: Rivka Felsher

As we can see, there are still leadership opportunities for TaSTY (grades 8-12) and TaSTY Jr. (grades 4-7) in both groups. Please email Morah Rivka at schooldirector@templesinaipbc.org for more information on how to get involved.

Lastly, in the spirit of community, this summer, ALL Temple Sinai students are honorary members of TaSTY or TaSTY Jr. and are welcome at any TaSTY or TaSTY Jr. event held in June through August (except for executive board meetings). We will resume our membership registration for both groups in the fall with a special kick off event and T-shirt order. While programs will still be open to all students this coming year as well, executive board meetings will be reserved for members only, and fees for some activities may be higher than member rates. Membership dues are reasonable and help cover costs of programming materials. We hope all of our students will consider joining!

See you at a TaSTY or TaSTY Jr. event coming soon!


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