Staff & Volunteers

Lay Leadership

David Cotton and Lynne Weinstein, Co-Executive Vice Presidents

David is a real mensch, dedicated to his service to the Temple. He also volunteers as a beginner Hebrew instructor in our school, and elsewhere in the synagogue teaches adult confirmation. His daughter Delaney is a graduate of our religious school and a former teaching assistant and Director’s Assistant. David loves spending time with his family and going on cruises when he’s not busy at work or at Temple Sinai giving of his time. David recently returned from his first trip to Israel; ask him about it! David is also the TaSTY Sr./NFTY Advisor.

Lynne is a former healthcare administrator who has held several leadership roles at Temple Sinai including former co-Vice President for the Religious School and that of Religious Activities. She recently became a bat mitzvah at Temple Sinai. Lynne is involved, knowledgeable, and a great resource and advocate for parents!


Dr. Rivka Felsher, Religious School Director

Rivka begins her 7th year as the part-time Director of the Religious School, having begun her tenure as a 6th grade teacher at Temple Sinai in 2007. She has also taught pre-K Tot Shabbat, grades 6 & 7, Confirmation grades 8 & 9, and substituted for every grade in our school. Rivka recently completed her doctorate in higher education leadership at Florida Atlantic University. Rivka likes to indulge in Middle Eastern pastries and Israeli chocolates as a special treat and enjoys listening to Middle Eastern traditional and pop music. Her husband Rich, a certified Food Service Manager and ServSafe Instructor, is often solicited to cook during school functions. Their young children, Lilah and Eitan, attend the religious school and Temple Sinai family services and events regularly. This year Rivka is teaching grade 7.

Zoe Terner, Director’s Assistant

Zoe, one of our religious school “graduates” and is one of our caring and compassionate teen leaders. Zoe, a dependable, organized, and artistically talented young woman, is joining us this year on staff to support the School office and operations. Zoe is a Camp Kutz junkie and has a passion for leadership development.  She is also the very capable and enthusiastic past-President of our TaSTY Sr./NFTY group and was recently elected to the NFTY Regional Board!

Andrew Arnold, B’nai Mitzvah Instructor

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Judaic Studies. He is also a recent graduate of the Master in Jewish Education program at Gratz College. Andrew is an aspiring cantor who has a great voice, love of music, and solid knowledge of Torah cantillation. Andrew also leads services and reads Torah at independent living facilities and senior communities. He is a self-professed Torah study junkie and avid movie-goer. His students enjoy their individual bar and bat mitzvah lessons which he has been providing to our students for five years now. He’s even on the bima with them on their big day to help guide, cheer, and support their efforts!

Delaney Cotton, Hebrew Co-Teacher

Delaney is also one of our religious school “graduates” and former TaSTY President. Delaney is a student at the University of Florida, joining us in Morah Jo’s class this fall for extra Hebrew support of our 5th and 6th graders. Delaney loves to make Hebrew fun through games, but has experience as a b’nai mitzvah tutor and takes her role to help improve Hebrew reading skills among late learners very seriously. It’s great to have her back this semester.

JoAnn Gorodetzer, Classroom Instructor

JoAnn is a creative, enthusiastic, and experienced Judaics teacher with a living knowledge of Judaism who loves to incorporate music and drama into her lessons to engage students. JoAnn is creative, resourceful, and has an in depth knowledge of the texts that are the cornerstone of the our upper-division curriculum. Oh, did I mention, she too, is fluent in Hebrew! JoAnn was awarded the 2014 Gerald Legow “Outstanding Achievement in Jewish Education” Recognition Award at the Annual JFed of SPBC Council of Education Director’s Teachers Conference at CBI in Boca Raton on November 9th, 2014. Kol HaKavod JoAnn! This year JoAnn is teaching grades 5 and 6.

Rosanne Popkin, Classroom Instructor

Rosanne has been with our school for 11 years teaching in the lower and upper divisions and is, therefore, our most tenured instructor. Rosanne loves music, the spiritual essence of Judaism, and teaching in the classroom of course! She’s also loves the arts and incorporates tactile projects into her lessons frequently. Rosanne, too, recently returned from her first trip to Israel. She is a professional administrator and a former Co-President of Temple Sinai Sisterhood. This year Rosanne is teaching grade 2.


Barbara Walsh, Classroom Instructor

Barbara is a former classroom volunteer substitute teacher who worked with some of our teachers to develop their natural talents and new skills in classroom management, lesson planning, and instructional delivery. Barbara is a retired elementary school educator and a talented pianist who enjoys working with children as well as seniors. She is also a member of the Temple Sinai Choir. Welcome back again Barbara! This year Barbara is teaching grades 3 and 4 and continuing as the music instructor.

Adult Volunteers

Rich Felsher, BBQ Master

Rich volunteers to provide the school’s communal events with everything it needs! He is a former Applebee’s Kitchen Manager and pizza chef with ServeSafe certification who donates his time to supporting the school by, what else?…making sure we are well fed.

Teen Volunteers

We LOVE our madrichim: Leeza Berger, Erica Mungin, Lila Terner, and Nicole Wasserman are our more experienced and senior madrichim. We welcome them back for another great year! We also welcome Sam Schwartz, our newest madrich to the team!


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